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“Too often, specialized medical personnel and treatments are not available locally. Autism Escapes fills a much needed void in families’ ability to access medical care.”

Linda Meyer, Ed.D, MPA, BCBA
Executive Director of Autism New Jersey (formerly know as COSAC)


The McManus Story:

Dear Autism Escapes, Thank you again for everything you have done to help Patrick. Without Autism Escapes we could have never provided our son with the opportunity to be evaluated by Ladders. To have him seen and treated by Dr Buie and Dr Neumayer, the very physicians who are defining the practice of developmental medicine was incredible. Their evaluations were so insightful to Patrick's specific gastrointestinal and neurological issues. To try to take him on a commercial airline would have been impossible. The airport would have been too overstimulating. The large crowds, tight spaces and long lines would have been too much for him. In addition driving would have meant at least 3 days in the car, as well as missing therapy for Patrick and lost wages for my husband and I. We have great hopes that the recommended treatment plans and prescribed medications will help alleviate Patrick's persistent tummy aches, skin rashes and also help improve his neurological status. We, like every parent want to help our child to reach his highest potential, and without your gracious and selfless gift this would not be possible. With most sincere gratitude to both of you, your family, and all of the generous benefactors of Autism Escapes.
      -Sean and Robin McManus

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The Kearney Story:

Traveling with a child with autism is very tough. Long car rides are nearly impossible, so is traveling on commercial airplanes. My daughter runs all over the airport. If there are lines or the plane is delayed on the runway, she gets antsy and can’t sit still. Some autistic children make noises or scream. You can imagine what that’s like for the other passengers. It is very tense.

Autism Escapes made it possible for my daughter Megan who is six years old and me to see nationally recognized autism specialists. There were no delays: we got on, took off and got off the plane. The plane ride took about 45 minutes.

There also was a behaviorist with us to calm and occupy the children. That behaviorist also accompanied us to the appointment so that I had the freedom to speak with the doctors. The whole process was smooth and efficient. My daughter actually enjoyed it and she still talks about it.

To be able to travel with your autistic child to see top specialists in the field is a real gift. It was amazing.”
     - Lynn Kearney

The Abend Story:

The creation of Autism Escapes was inspired by our personal experience. We are physician parents of three beautiful children, including a 10-year-old son with autism. Our son suffered from severe abdominal pain for years. His symptoms persisted despite being evaluated and treated by a local gastroenterologist. Although we wanted to seek an expert second medical opinion, our son’s pain episodes were so unpredictable and severe that travel, particularly air travel, was an impossible option for us. As a professional courtesy, one of the gastroenterologists at the Ladders Clinic in Massachusetts agreed to review our son’s records and consult with us by phone. We realize how fortunate we were and that this option is not available for most people. Our son is now happy and is pain free most days. It is our hope that by offering private jet travel, families of children with autism and co-existing medical conditions will be able to access top-notch medical care regardless of their current geographic and travel restraints.